Mixing and Mingling 

Wedding Couple holding handsYour Wedding day has arrived...everything you have planned for and hoped for is happening.  The celebration has begun...

...but there is a long wait for guest from the time photos happened to when the meal begins... People are milling around having a drink.

This is exactly the time you could introduce the very personable JP who could entertain your guest with amazing magic that they won`t forget , which means they will always remember your wedding. 

The beauty of mixing and mingling with different groups is one group of people by the bar might want some comedy magic, one group standing outside might want a mind reading trick, another group might want you to do a trick for the children and some are catching up and would prefer to have the entertainment after their conversation. 

JP is versatile, experienced and sensitive enough to react to each situation and to create a warm fun atmosphere...very important when love is in the air.

The people who experience the magic will remember your wedding for a very long time!

Table Top Magic 

The very personable JP can visit the table and bring his own brand of magical entertainment to your guests as they are waiting for their courses.  JP is very considerate as not to entertain while people are eating and will move around the table so everyone gets to enjoy the magic.

Again, because you will have different groups at the table, JP can tailor the magic as to who is being entertained.  The impact is one of sheer unbelief as impossible things happen right in front of your guest`s nose...loads of laughs as well. 

The people sitting in the other tables will anticipate a visit from JP as they can hear applause from the other tables.

You can have any combination of the above mentioned entertainment to make your day the perfect celebration.