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Dear Santa, Define ...Good


Dear Santa, Define ...Good

Have you ever lost the Christmas Spirit?

Well...Jingle Jangle, the head elf has gotten grumpy,
confused and lost his Christmas Spirit, everything is becoming boring. He is
bordering on being very naughty and ruining everyone's Christmas.  UNBELIVABLE; because Christmas is the most exciting time of the year and a time when kindness rules! So Santa gives him
what Jingle Jangle thinks is the most mundane job ever ...clearing out the loft
on Christmas eve. He thought, "things can't get any worse than this",
only to discover the most extraordinary objects that defy logic and two
characters who can help Jingle Jangle see Christmas in a completely new way.
The question is who he will listen to Mingle Mangle, the bad Christmas Fairy
who has issues himself and would love to see Christmas ruined or Lily Luna the
good Christmas Fairy, who wants to wave her Christmas wand over the earth to
bring Christmas joy to everyone.

Think Christmas Comedy Variety Show with a story as
it's frame work, a hint of Pantomime, Magic, Professional Ballet, Lovable &
quirky Muppet-style puppets geared for a family audience and bringing genuine
laughs to the children in a mini Children's Theatre setting.

The show is 50 mins long and is supported by a 150W PA
system. Add to that a Trendy Mini Disco, Mad Party Games, taking the party
package to two hours.

Two Professional Entertainers host the show and party
activities giving you very good value and no stress.  The very experienced performers are I as
Jingle Jangle, Mingle Mangle & voice of Santa Claus and Lady Emile Walt as
the Lily Luna -Christmas Fairy.