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Professor Monster von Mayhem Magic Show


Professor Monster von Mayhem Magic Show

Professor Monster von Mayhem is looking for victims ...oops I mean volunteers to try out the mad experiments 7+

The Show ... 

Can you hear the deep laughter in the background? That is the sound of Professor Monster von Mayhem trying out his 'experiments'!!

They will be laughing their heads off...literally! (especially with the experiment that involves a stockade, an electric jigsaw and a child's head!)

Other Mad 'Experiments' include a mind reading skull, 'the one with' the dangerous snake, Airhead, and much more. Sometimes the experiments are funny, sometimes scary and sometimes just plain weird!

The "scaring" is all in good fun keeping it children friendly. it's like a roller coaster, it's a thrill while it is happening, but in the end you know it will be ok. (A celebration cake of brains and guts would not be out of place at this show!)

And a note to Parents - give yourself a breather in the high energy atmosphere that is a great children's party! When you book your kids party fun with JP Childrens Entertainers in Birmingham it not only turns your kids party into a super duper mega party experience, but keeps your children busy and concentrating for a valuable 50 minutes 'peace' during the party when you can relax and enjoy the sidesplitting entertainment with them (or get started on the party food!)

The recommended age for this show is 7+ ( although an adapted version is available for 6 yr olds)

If the occasion is a Birthday, then the birthday child will receive a bespoke Monster Balloon-a-Toon!

BUT!!! Please book well in advance for your childrens parties birmingham our diary fills up quickly - don't risk disappointment!

The Length of the Act

50 minutes is required for The Monster Mayhem Magic Show


Set up is 1 hour and Take down is about 25 minutes.

The stage set is the castle of the late great ole magician with plenty of cobwebs and strange lighting, giving it a rustic scary charm! It will require an area of 3m length by 3m depth, a hall would suit this show ( I can do this show in a home, but without the castle set).

2 socket points are required for Pat tested Sound System, UV Lighting and Fire Lamp.

Optional Party Packages

You can take this show to an hour by adding the Mini Balloon Show, where each child receives a simple balloon sculpture to some Stonking Scary Tunes or 2 Monster Party games which usually involve a little mess.

You can take this show to a 2 hour package after a party food break by adding a combination of Monster Mini Disco ( complete with Disco Lights, UV Light and Bubble Machine), Mad Monster Mayhem Party Games and Mini UV Balloon Show to finish off your party from the best childrens entertainers in birmingham.

Face Painter Availiable

Sarah Bull is certainly one of the top Face Painters in the Midlands...Professional, Creative, Reliable and loves to do kids parties birmingham area too! She can be booked through JP Entertainment and charges an hourly rate.