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JP Quirky Magician


JP Quirky Magician

The Off Beat Humour & Magic will have you amazed and dizzy with laughter!

Ideal for Fresher Events, Youth Events, University & College Student Unions, Banquets and Birthday Bashes

Urban, Edgy, Quirky and Funny are a few words to describe JP Quirky when he is performing his show. Featuring (soon to be) Cult Classics: "Mobile Minds", "Spiraling Eye", "Pot Noodle Love", Derren the Psychic Rat", Beer bottle Roulette, Rat-Faced Courage", "Cutting Edge Invincibility" and JP Quirky Magician's Exclusive Hot Sauce Draw"...

Length of Act

40 minutes is required for the JP Quirky Magician's Act


If you want to make it a ticketed event say for example a Charity Show then we can do a deal...a % cut on the tickets covered or a set fee

Dancers & Character Stilt Walkers Availiable

If you are looking for Amazing Dancers & Hilarious Characters Stilt Walkers for your Bash then do let me know. 



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