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JP With a KFC bucket full of cards - and the chicken picks the cardAbout us

JP Entertainments was founded by J.P. Ridgely, a Professional Entertainer and one of the most popular childrens entertainers in Birmingham.

JP's childrens parties - as well as always being original and hilarious, always emphasise the importance of valuing people whatever their age and recognise how unique each of us really are.

So you can imagine the effort that is put into each show to give you the best quality kids parties Birmingham can offer.... that is backed up by a money-back guarantee that is excellent value for your money...after all you deserve it!

Creating magic in peoples lives ...

J.P. is a Professional Magician and Master Puppeteer with many years of experience in all aspects of entertainment, from directing and producing full Theatre productions to creating special childhood memories at a childrens birthday party in their very own living room.

To JP, who loves to create kids parties Birmingham residents love, a children's party is the best place to find his creative shows...which are full of merriment and mayhem, helping children and young people in Birmingham understand how special they really are.

Come to a fabulous childrens party Birmingham led by JP, and you'll soon find that laughter is great medicine! There is plenty of sidesplitting comedy in each kids party for all kinds of people in Birmingham ... creating absolutely 'funtastic' moments and unforgettable memories to treasure!

They say: "JP should have been an Actor "... and they'd be right! JP has incredible talents as an Actor, but he has chosen the path of a Magician.  Because of this, JP's kids parties Birmingham shows have an extra twist of humour and drama and are very different to most of the magic shows you have seen out there.

Compared to other childrens entertainers in Birmingham, you'll see a big difference; JP's shows are character and comedy driven either through playing a character, or a puppet in the show, linking the whole thing together. JP's passions are Acting, Music, Comedy and Dance and these all incorporated to great effect in the shows for an all round entertainment experience that's available all around the Birmingham area!

JP has also appeared on the TV!

Yes really - you get a real live TV start at your childrens party!  JP loves doing the magic shows and childrens parties and getting the children and parents all laughing their socks off at his shows in Birmingham! You can tell when someone loves what they do, it makes such a difference. To be honest JP wouldn't want do anything else most of the time.....but acting is in his blood! So as well as creating original kids parties birmingham you may see him on the big screen as well as the TV! JP has 'moonlighted' on occasions away from the childrens party Birmingham circuit... you can catch JP in the latest Matt Damon film "Green Zone" as a CIA agent or as Richard Stott in the Channel 4 series " Queen, the Margaret Thatcher years" or Dead Man Running or Special Relationship with Hope Davis.

Also continuing in childrens entertainer mode, JP is also in the new show for CBBC "Hounded" as Hobo the Clown" in one episode.

And soon to be announced a new X-Box 360 game in which JP does the voiceover for two of the characters.

Not content with being one of the funniest childrens entertainers in Birmingham, JP is also Creating the Magician in others!

So far, 5 people have gone through the 6-month-long Magician's Apprentice Course to become proficient in the skill of magical entertainment. Many others have done JP's Creative Magic Workshops to start an absorbing hobby or a lucrative sideline at kids parties, or adults, in Birmingham and further afield.

Countless others have gone through the Creative Puppet Workshops to start their own puppet group and become childrens entertainers in birmingham and beyond!

JP is well qualified to teach his art. As a leading light at creating sparkling party fun for kids parties in Birmingham JP has performed thousands of shows that have made people feel special and are now warm memories in their lives.

As well as creating fun and entertaining kids parties Birmingham JP has also helped many individuals and charities set up Child Protection Policies and Codes of Practice for working with children and young people in Birmingham.

For any kids party safety and security is absolutely top priority. For your assurance JP is CRB Checked and Public Liability Insured to the sum of £5,000,000. So when you're holding your childrens party Birmingham you'll have complete peace of mind that we take all aspects of your children's safety very seriously indeed.